Jom Support Lupus Awareness .. bah :) - Dayang Deno


Jom Support Lupus Awareness .. bah :)

Walk-aPayung! Weeeee... Kali ni Sabah Chapter!!^^ Wahai orang-orang Sabah... Jom semua kita support Lupus Awareness dengan menyertai Walk-a-Payung! :)

Jom luangkan baca masa baca info Walk-a-Payung from my friend @ Sabah :)

Persatuan SLE Malaysia, Sabah Chapter will be holding Lupus Day Awareness and a walkathon with opened umbrella, called the Walk-A-Payung (WAP) on Saturday, 20 Sept 2014 at 7.00 am to 4.00 pm

The WAP will flag off within thevicinity of UMS KK, where about 4000 UMS students and about 350 participants inclusive of patients, their families members and members of the public will walk a distance of about 1.5km with opened umbrellas to create awareness that SLE patients have to avoid the sun. There will be a Talk on SLE, exhibitions of informative posters and display of video about SLE, health screening by UMS medical students, blood donation campaign. The PSLEM WAP is a healthy and fun program that brings together patients, family members, friends and people from all walks of life to walk towards recognition of the existence of SLE. Donations to Persatuan SLE, Sabah Chapter are welcome and are tax exempted. Please join PSLEM Sabah Chapter in celebrating the 1st WAP and to mark the remarkable biggest crowd of participants ever walking in uniformed color of T-shirts and umbrella. Registration fee of RM50 & above will get a purple color T-shirt and a UV protection umbrella. For registration, please contact Jean Chan hp 012-8133338. Please contribute towards a charity project. 

Your kind support is very valuable. Thank you very much

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p/s: support Lupus awareness :)