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HE Is The Best Planner

People keep asking.. Why am i still single..  Why am I still alone.. The same questions.... Opss alone? 

Fact about me, I never fall in love.. Oh, yes i did.. My love for Allah, my mum and abah, my siblings and my very best friend.I'm the girl who is not jiwang or romantic. In fact, i'm the girl who didn't listening to the jiwang meleleh song... and i don't read all the romantic and jiwang novels.. I'm just a girl with happy simple life, a girl who loves reading fiction and horror novels, a girl who loves art so much, a girl who loves Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermonie Granger in Harry Potter's life... I'm the girl who has Lupus for the whole of my life and I wish there's a magic wind that could help me find a cure for Lupus.. One day there will be a cure for Lupus, i guess?.. 
And I'm the girl who are always being alone in my fairy-tale that i own.. . I love fairy-tale and the prince charming.. But i know it's only a fairy-tale and prince charming doesn't exist at all... 

If "he" is really exist for me, only Allah knows.. Stop asking me about the"jodoh" coz Allah is the best planner.. HE know the best for me :')

Lillahi Ta'ala


  1. Betull.. Kalau ada jodoh, adalah. Saya doakan kak Dayang cepat kawin. :p Eh.

  2. the right person will come at the right time. so do not worry. smile! :)

    Najlaa 'Aqilah