Happy New Year 2016 - Dayang Deno


Happy New Year 2016

I wish.. I wish of course the pain would cease to exist. I wish Lupus will be gone... I wish I dont need the medicines.. I wish I dont need all the treatment.. I wish I never had to know how it felt like to be sick. But now I'm here, I wish for the strength and I wish to not only to survive, but to shine... Happy new year 2016, may it bring peace, joy and happiness than the years before.. Inshaa Allah :')

**thank you friends for all your dhua and support.. may God bless all of you *love*


  1. happy new year 2016 Dayang my beloved sister..i hope we will meet again..and i also pray the best for you..keeps strong and health dear..may Allah ease everything for you and never lose HOPE!

  2. Selamat tahun baru 2016, semoga tahun 2016 lebih baik daripada tahun 2015.